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2020 Serene Hills Turkey Trot

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Serene Hills Neighborhood 2020 Turkey Trot


Start Time: 8am Thursday 26th 2020 (Thanksgiving morning)


1. Start: Doe Whisper and Sweet Grass (intersection closest to Serene Hills Dr)


2. Head up around Doe Whisper to Sweet Grass


3. Turn R on Sweet Grass follow to intersection at Ringtail 


4. Turn R on Ringtail follow to cul de sac


5. Turn around on Ringtail cul de sac and run back to Serene Hills Dr on Ringtail 


6. Turn around on Ringtail at Serene Hills Dr and return to Bowcross Point 


7. Turn R on Bowcross Pt 


8. Turn L on Duckhorn Pass 


9. Run up to intersection of Treasure Peak Pass turnaround and return to Bowcross Pt


10. Turn L on Bowcross Pt and run to cul de sac 


11. Turn around on Bowcross cul de sac and run back on Bowcross to Serene Estate Dr


12. Turn L on Serene Estates Dr. and run to Serene Hills Dr. 


13. Turn around at Serene Hills Dr and run back on Serene Estates Dr to Bowcross Pt 


14. Turn L on Bowcross Pt 


15. Run on Bowcross Pt to Sweet Grass 


16. Turn L at Sweet Grass 


17. Finish: at Sweet Grass and Doe Whisper (second intersection) 

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